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What is CityWitches?

CityWitches is a nondenominational organization dedicated to training new witches in the metaphysical arts through witchcraft and modern psychology.

Our CityWitches' School Creed

Here at CityWitches, we recognize that spirit, science, and psychology work together to provide us a well-rounded perspective on how our Universe influences us, and how we influence our Universe. We endeavor to integrate these concepts into each student’s individual learning experience in order to promote peace, joy, wisdom, and personal success.

How Does CityWitches Work?

Creating successful magic is not just a spiritual practice, it’s a mental practice as well. Through tools in NLP, Hypnosis, and modern psychology, you’ll not just learn how to do magic, you’ll learn WHY it works!

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Get a taste for student life with a mini course on manifestation. Classes consist of videos and supplemental downloadable digital content, like workbooks, audio files (such as meditations or hypnosis tracks), and more! And all classes are as interactive with the instructor as you want them to be.


Learn to Live Magically

New classes every month on all kinds of powerful topics!

Witchcraft that Works

Gnosis and Divination
Projection and Internalization
Laws of Attraction and Detachment
Probability and Potential
Creative Spellcrafting
Working with Spirits
Sourcing Spells from Your Higher Self

Modern Psychology

Trance and Self Hypnosis
Communicating with your Subconscious
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Mind Hacking
Mastering Neuroplasticity
Understanding Human Behavior

Self Development

Build Habits that Stick
Transform Your Relationships
Find Joy and Inspiration in Life
Follow Your Dreams with Ease
Handle Anything that Comes Your Way
Develop Confidence in Your Beliefs
Make Peace Your Natural Resting State

Your Instructor

Hello! My name is Teighe (sounds like “teeg”) and I’m so happy you’ve found your way to CityWitches!

I am the founder of CityWitches, your personal trainer, a Certified NLP Coach and Certified Hypnotist.

I’ve spent my life developing, researching, and practicing theories in religion, spirituality, and modern psychology to figure out how they all relate to living a fulfilling and infinitely magical life. I discovered, as I became more and more open about my research and practices, that many other people also feel this same desire to get away from enforced structure and instead, get to the root of spirituality and magic that WORKS.

With all the traditions and religions available to people, it can be hard to find something that fits, and even harder to sift through the structural elements of those systems to understand how and why they work, and what factors in when they don’t work.

Personally, I came to realize just how much modern psychology is fundamental to successful magic… That psychology and spirituality are just two branches of the same tree that bears life-changing fruit, and suffers from being segregated in study and in practice.

So, I became certified in hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists and Washington DC Hypnosis Center and in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a coaching technique based on the science of behavioral and language patterns.

In 2016, I founded CityWitches with the intent of creating a community of mixed-tradition occultists to share and experience witchcraft with other like-minded witches. A Facebook group started and a tiny instagram account swiftly developed into a huge community of experienced and inexperienced witches, all searching for the answers to how to understand witchcraft both psychologically and magically.

Now, I spend my days supporting this awesome group and teaching the skills I’ve discovered to you all. If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, find out more about my life coaching program!

May your growth be undeniably magical.