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CityWitches is a witchcraft and self development training organization and social community dedicated to the intersection of witchcraft and modern psychology. Take a look around!


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  • Having Confidence in What You Believe

    December 05,2018 / Religion Self Development / 0 Comments

    I grew up in a religious family and then went on to shirk off a lot of the dogma I was raised in as an adult. But one thing that seemed to stay with me – No matter how hard I try to ground myself,...

  • The 5 Best Magical Herbs You Can Grow in Your Windowsill

    December 02,2018 / Hedgewitch Herbalism / 0 Comments

    The 5 Best Magical Herbs You Can Grow in Your Windowsill When you live in a city, it can be challenging to get in touch with nature.  If you’re anything like me, sometimes you feel the call to...

  • A Simple Guide to Working with Gods

    December 02,2018 / Deities Religion Witchcraft / 0 Comments

    So, you want to talk to the gods! From one eclectic witch to another, I’ve collected some suggestions on finding a godform that is a good fit for you. This general strategy has worked exceedingly...

  • Think Happy

    December 02,2018 / Self Development / 0 Comments

    What if I told you that you could be happy right now? You might laugh. You might look at me sideways. You might even make a quip that I should teach you a spell to win the lottery. Thing is, [and...



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