Welcome future CityWitch!

Are you ready to discover your power and uncover an infinitely magical life through one-on-one witchy coaching?
Would you love some personalised guidance and 1:1 support to release what is holding you back, find your power, and create magic in your life and the lives of others?

Tell me, CityWitch, do any of these statements resonate for you?

Do you feel like there is something more in store for you and you just need align with your destiny?

Are you ready to have agency over your destiny as the magical person you know you are?

Do you want REAL witchcraft training and a deep connection to your guides?

Are you ready to live an infinitely magical life, bring your light to the world, your family and your community in your own special way?

Is your soul aching for something more, something extraordinary?

Are you willing to put in the work to access your unique magic?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone! This six-month training was placed in your path for a reason.

These are the common struggles that I hear from witches on the cusp of owning their power when they are searching for my coaching program. And the good news is that I know exactly how to help you break the chains of powerlessness and transform into your most magical self.

Learn Witchcraft, Psychology, and Personal Development

Creating successful magic is not just a spiritual practice, it's a mental practice as well. Through tools in NLP, Hypnosis, and modern psychology, you'll not just learn how to do magic, you'll learn WHY it works!

Hello, I'm Teighe

(sounds like teeg)!

CityWitches founder, Witchcraft Trainer, Certified NLP Coach and Certified Hypnotist.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you claim your power!

Much love, Teighe

What’s the program all about?

Understanding the mind vs the brain.

After years of following rituals and testing and retesting magic through many different traditions, working with trance and altered mental states as a certified Hypnotist and NLP coach, I’ve discovered that most of a person’s magical power truly exist in the mind. While we use tools to help train us, to create patterns and neurological pathways that allow us to easily access our magic, they are just that. Simply tools.

The real magic comes from in side us.

I believe that my mind is not restricted to my brain, assuming that we agree that the brain and the mind are categorized differently: The mind being the nontangeable manifestation of self awareness that results from neurosparks of the mechanical brain at work. And while the brain’s neurological sparks signal thought, it is my opinion that all thought exists, in part, outside our physical greymatter, in a much more expansive, interconnected, and nontangeable environment. In other words…

While your brain exists on the physical plain, inside your head, your mind is vast and deeply connected to the universe.

Our brains function as more of a DIY-built receiver and data storage, tethering our minds to our physical bodies. This is a loose analogy, but you could think of it kind of as through your mind exists similarly to the internet and your body and brain are the device and operating system that allows you to process and utilize it.

And therefore, most of what we do ritualistically, in witchcraft, is to help us to use the power of the mind, which is magically expansive and complexly connected to a great many things we are still developing the language yet to describe.

And we do this through the best physical translation device we have: the brain.

As you become more familiar with how magic works, you will begin to burn neurological pathways in your brain that allow you to access the end result without as much effort and ritual tools. You can think of it as an operating system upgrade that you get as you practice magic regularly.

So what is does this operating system upgrade look like in action?

Over the course of six months, you will learn the Four Keys of Magic:

We'll cover the groundwork of witchcraft and higher level concepts in magic as well as self hypnosis techniques and other modern psychological elements that will help you to start creating more powerful, holistic magic.


1. Altered Mental State

Did you know that you already experience trance in your everyday life? Trance can occur during prayer or meditation and also when you mindlessly watch TV or zone out during a conversation. This "altered consciousness" is actually an incredibly powerful too for magic but we frequently don't use it for it's greatest potential.

Being able to get into a magical trance quickly and deeply will help you to meditate, to get the most out of your spell work, and to connect with your source of magic. And that is why I become a certified hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming life coach, to teach my clients how to get into a magical trance state quickly and to break the blockages standing in the way of getting more powerful magic done faster.


2. Projection and Internalization

Projection and Internalization, which is your ability to create the scenario or experience what you want in your mind first, and then believe you already have it by imagining the smells, feelings, sights, tastes, and sounds that exist in that desired results. This is how we define our intent and create a link to the reality of it so that we can adopt it, so that we can step into the role of having the thing. Building this skill is building an intentional neural pathway in the brain that brands you as the person with the result you want.


3. Attachment and Detachment

Attachment, which is our desire for success or subconscious resistance to success... And Detachment, which is our ability to let go of resistance and let any desire for the results go, after the magic is done (should I go into explaining what a wanting attitude does, vs a having attitude?). Both of which contribute to what I was talking about earlier when I was referring to blocking the universe’s most direct path to getting you the result you want.


4. Probability and Potential

The seen or unseen degree of separation between you and the results you want, and what mundane actions you can take to tip the scales in your favor and make the path clearer for the universe to give you your desire. I liken it to the sentiment that you won’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. It’s the same with magic, it must have a path to reach you to begin with, in order to be successful.

How will you achieve the results you want?

Pr-Program Workbook & Intention Setting Journal

This workbook will guide you through questions and activities to help you get clarity on what you want to experience in our coaching. You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will form the basis of our work together.

Six months of private training, at two sessions a month

Every 2 weeks, you and I will come together for our 1:1 coaching sessions. We will meet for a total of 12 x 60 transformative sessions and one 30 minute magic preparation session, to dive deep and create powerful shifts.

We have A LOT to cover and I want you to really grasp your power. It takes time to practice and integrate the experiences you're going to have into your life through this program. That is why my clients commit to a six months with me - So that you have time to really put all your new skills to use.

Guided Meditations, custom assignments, and other fun digital content

You will receive a free copies of many of my magical hypnosis tracks, custom assignments and exercises, and I often invite my coaching clients to beta test new products for me for FREE.

Expert guidance in all kinds of magical systems and tools

There are so many topics we can cover to bring you into your power, that include:
Divination (Tarot, pendulum, scrying, etc.)
The Science and Psychology Behind Effective Magic
Glamours and Physical Transformation
Trance, Meditation, and Self Hypnosis
Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection
Working with Spirits Constructs: Gods, Angels, Animal Spirits, etc
Working with Your Ancestors
Creating a Sacred Space
Astrology and Natal Chart Reading
Shadow work
Mindset Reboot/Abundance Mindset
Herbs and Kitchen Witchcraft
And So Much More!

Unlimited Email and Text Communication

You will have email access to me where you can get ask questions and get support on anything you encounter between sessions.

An Initial 30 minute magical preparation session

Prior to starting the program, we’ll meet for an initial session to review your workbook and map out our key areas of focus for the months ahead.

60 minute Follow Up Session

Use your follow up session within 6 months of finishing the program to check back in and receive support and guidance.

Online Community Access

If you're part of our distance program, you'll be included in our inner circle FB community as CityWitches, including workshops and videos that are exclusive only to witches in our training program.

Discounts on Future Courses and CityWitches University Certification

Our online training course is in the works and as a mentor-ship student, you don't just get a steep discount on access to the CW University Online Program, but you also will receive certification of your completion of CityWitches Witchcraft Training, making you a formidable expert in both magic and modern psychology.

What can the Etruscans teach us?

Some time ago, one of my students was researching the Etruscan religion to work with one of their goddesses... And in researching, she discovered that this ancient civilization truly believed that the gods were communicating with them in every way, in every moment of their lives. That all events and experiences had meaning, devine communication, and a lesson. In fact, they even set up quadrants around their bodies that meant something. For example, if a bird landing to the front-left of their body, it meant something unique.

In essence, this civilization created a system for living divination that existed entirely in their minds. While it is important for us to learn the difference between biased assumption and open mind...

Isn’t that deep, daily connection similar to what we want?

To communicate with the universe in every small part of our lives?

To feel that we are connected to something grand, and ancient, and vast?

To know that we are guided towards our purpose by our higher divinity?

So tell me, future CityWitch, does working with me to create an infinitely magical life feel right for you?

If you’ve never had a personal cheerleader, mentor, and coach before who was also a witch and modern psychology buff, then you’re in for a hell of a magical ride. Together we’ll create safe space to identify, heal, and turn your blockages into superpowers. You’ll be guided to find the magic in your everyday life. You will be supported in your path to your power and held accountable to show up for the divine gifts that are your birthright. You will dig deep and learn to trust your heart and your intuition. You will discover your key to the solution to any problem exists in your mind already and I will help you learn how to access it when you need to and when you want to. You will gain the resources, the tools, the skills, and the guidance to create significant changes in your life around issues you may have been dealing with for years. And I will be by your side cheering you on for every win. Are you ready for the confusion, the fog to fall away?

With witching one-on-one coaching, the magic is infinite. If you know that now is your time to make change, to create a life you love and to release all the old patterns weighing you down, then 1:1 coaching will give you the support you need and I encourage you to sign up today!

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