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If you answered yes to any of the above, then this six-month training was placed in your path for a reason!

You Will Learn the Four Keys of Magic

It’s my experience that successful magic starts with what we do on a physical, non magical level, our connection to spiritual guidance, such as a relationship with your ancestors or a deity, our level of awareness and subconscious resistance to the thing we are trying to change, and finally, our ability to get into a deep magical trance state. I teach you what to do magically, psychologically, and physically to make powerful changes in your life that stick. We'll cover the groundwork of witchcraft and higher level concepts in magic as well as self hypnosis techniques and other modern psychological elements that will help you to start creating more powerful magic.


1. Gnosis/Trance

Did you know that you already experience trance in your everyday life? Trance can occur during prayer or meditation and also when you mindlessly watch TV or zone out during a conversation. This "altered consciousness" is actually an incredibly powerful too for magic but we frequently don't use it for it's greatest potential.

Being able to get into a magical trance quickly and deeply will help you to meditate, to get the most out of your spell work, and to connect with your source of magic. And that is why I become a certified hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming life coach, to teach my clients how to get into a magical trance state quickly and to break the blockages standing in the way of getting more powerful magic done faster.


2. Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection can take on many forms. Creating rapport with your guides will help you to navigate the unseen and receive important information on what you are accomplishing. Whether you are working with larger universal energies, deities, angels, saints, or your ancestors, I will teach you to create that connection so that you can start feeling supported by your spiritual dream team and receive the guidance that you've been looking for.

Get ready to get your god on!


3. Action and Probability

“You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.” Magic is a tool that greatly influences circumstances to fulfill our desired results and sometimes we hinder that process by not giving the magic a streamlined path to get to reach us. When you put the onus on the universe to sort your life out just so that it can give you the gift you requested, you may have to wait for your results.

How badly do you want your magic to work? How quickly do you want it to come to you? We'll come up with REAL actionable steps to help support your magical efforts.


4. Awareness and Subconscious Resistance

The truth is, in order to get the results you want, you must fully invest in the outcome of your magic. When I learned to do successful prosperity magic, I had to come to terms with the little part of me that didn't really want success. That felt comfortable in a life space that I knew, even though it was difficult. I was afraid of all the things that might happen if I reached my potential and I inadvertently pushed that success away. It wasn't until I changed my mindset and let go of subconscious fear that I really began to see my magic take off, and I am so excited to teach you how to tackle and upgrade your subconscious fears into excitement and motivation.

Are you ready to unlock your power?

How driven are you to claim your magic? How intensely do you want it? This program is for people who are serious about connecting to their source of magic, transforming their lives, and claiming their purpose. And that means showing follow through and doing the work. Real magic is not for the feint of heart. Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole?

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