Welcome future CityWitch!

Are you ready to discover your power and uncover an infinitely magical life?

Do any of these statements resonate for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this six-month training was placed in your path for a reason!

You Will Learn the Five Keys of Magic

We'll cover the groundwork of witchcraft and higher level concepts in magic as well as self hypnosis techniques and other modern psychological elements that will help you to start creating more powerful, holistic magic.


1. Altered Mental State

Did you know that you already experience trance in your everyday life? Trance can occur during prayer or meditation and also when you mindlessly watch TV or zone out during a conversation. This "altered consciousness" is actually an incredibly powerful too for magic but we frequently don't use it for it's greatest potential.

Being able to get into a magical trance quickly and deeply will help you to meditate, to get the most out of your spell work, and to connect with your source of magic. And that is why I become a certified hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming life coach, to teach my clients how to get into a magical trance state quickly and to break the blockages standing in the way of getting more powerful magic done faster.


2. Projection and Internalization

Projection and Internalization, which is your ability to create the scenario or experience what you want in your mind first, and then believe you already have it by imagining the smells, feelings, sights, tastes, and sounds that exist in that desired results. This is how we define our intent and create a link to the reality of it so that we can adopt it, so that we can step into the role of having the thing. Building this skill is building an intentional neural pathway in the brain that brands you as the person with the result you want.


3. Attachment and Detachment

Attachment, which is our desire for success or subconscious resistance to success... And Detachment, which is our ability to let go of resistance and let any desire for the results go, after the magic is done (should I go into explaining what a wanting attitude does, vs a having attitude?). Both of which contribute to what I was talking about earlier when I was referring to blocking the universe’s most direct path to getting you the result you want.


4. Probability and Potential

The seen or unseen degree of separation between you and the results you want, and what mundane actions you can take to tip the scales in your favor and make the path clearer for the universe to give you your desire. I liken it to the sentiment that you won’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. It’s the same with magic, it must have a path to reach you to begin with, in order to be successful.

Are you ready to unlock your power?

How driven are you to claim your magic?
How intensely do you want it?

This program is for people who are serious about connecting to their source of magic, transforming their lives, and claiming their purpose. And that means showing follow through and doing the work. Real magic is not for the feint of heart. Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole?

How will you achieve the results you want?

1. Six Months of Private Training

We have A LOT to cover and I want you to really grasp your power. It takes time to practice and integrate the experiences you're going to have into your life through this program. That is why my clients commit to a six months with me - So that you have time to really put all your new skills to use.

2. Two Tiers to Fit Any Budget

I want you to get as much out of this experience as you can, so I offer two tiers:

1. Beginner CityWitch: Two Hour-Long Sessions a Month
2. Advanced CityWitch: One Hour-Long Session a Week
Plus you get all the other bells and whistles included in this program.

3. Unique and customized coaching plan to fit you like a glove

Everyone has different magical powers. Are you a dream witch or a money witch? Are you a nature witch or a glamour witch? We'll identify your goals and come up with a plan to help you harness your unique skills.

4. Weekly Assignments

Yes, you will have homework! In order for us to get you to your ultimate goal, you're going to have to do the work. Custom CityWitches Mentorship Program assignments will help you to do everything from identify your subconscious blockages to find the most power source of magic in your home so that you can build a sacred space. They are a LOT of fun!

5. Unlimited text and email communication throughout the whole program

You will be downloading so much information from your higher-self that you won't be able wait for your next session. I'll be there for all your exciting breakthroughs and burning questions in between our meetings.

6. Online Community Access

If you're part of our distance program, you'll be included in our inner circle FB community as CityWitches, including workshops and videos that are exclusive only to witches in our training program.

7. Local Community Rituals

This amazing community is only open to Local CityWitches that have completed my six month mentorship program and those who have passed a rigorous application process. You'll have access to local full moon rituals with me and other local CityWitches. It's big magic!

8. Discounts on Future Courses and CityWitches University Certification

Our online training course is in the works and as a mentor-ship student, you don't just get a steep discount on access to the CW University Online Program, but you also will receive certification of your completion of CityWitches Witchcraft Training, making you a formidable expert in both magic and modern psychology.

Work with Teighe

Hello! I'm Teighe (teeg)!
I'm your CityWitches founder, Witchcraft Trainer, Certified NLP Coach and Certified Hypnotist.

I’ve spent my life developing, researching, and practicing theories in religion, spirituality, and modern psychology to figure out how they all relate to living a fulfilling and infinitely magical life. I discovered, as I became more and more open about my research and practices, that many other people also feel this same desire to get away from enforced structure and instead, get to the root of spirituality and magic that WORKS.

With all the traditions and religions available to people, it can be hard to find something that fits, and even harder to sift through the structural elements of those systems to understand how and why they work, and what factors in when they don't work. Personally, I came to realize just how much modern psychology is fundamental to successful magic… That psychology and spirituality are just two branches of the same tree that bears life-changing fruit, and suffers from being segregated in study and in practice. Trance, for example, is an incredible tool for creating powerful shifts in a person’s life and is induced in everything from ceremonial magic to meditation.

I'm a meditation fanatic and eventually certified in hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Likewise, I uncovered the power that words have in ritual practices and in everyday life, and so became certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a coaching technique based on the science of behavioral and language patterns.

Finally, in 2016, I founded CityWitches with the intent of creating a community of mixed-tradition occultists to share and experience witchcraft with other like-minded witches. A Facebook group started and a tiny instagram account swiftly developed into a huge community of experienced and inexperienced witches, all searching for the answers to how to understand witchcraft both psychologically and magically. Now, I spend my days supporting this awesome group, teaching the skills I've discovered to a handful of students a year in this very witchcraft and life coaching program, and integrating witchcraft into my work as the Creative Director.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you claim your power!

Let's Make Some Magic!