Hi, I’m Teighe!

I’ve spent my life developing, researching, and practicing theories in religion, spirituality, and modern psychology to figure out how they all relate to living a fulfilling and infinitely magical life without feeling forced to adhere to fear-based dogma. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? In a nutshell, I want to know what works and why so that I can strip it down or build it up according to my own customized life needs.

I discovered, as I became more and more open about my research and practices, that many other people also feel this same desire to get away from enforced structure and instead, get to the root of spirituality and magic that WORKS. With all the traditions and religions available to people, it can be hard to find something that fits, and even harder to sift through the structural elements of those systems to understand how and why they work, both on a psychological level, and on a metaphysical plane.

While I’m initiated in both modern and ancient traditions that practice witchcraft, and have studied and practiced many more, I came to realize just how much modern psychology factors into successful magic… That psychology and spirituality are just two branches of the same tree that bears life-changing fruit, and suffers from being segregated in study and in practice.

Trance, for example, is an incredible tool for creating powerful shifts in a person’s life and is induced in everything from ceremonial magic to meditation to watching TV, so I became a meditation fanatic and eventually certified in hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Likewise, I uncovered the power that words have in ritual practices and in everyday life, and so became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, the science of behavioral and language patterns.

I did this all in the spare moments I had when I wasn’t developing my animation agency and trying to survive gradschool. Finally, in 2016, I founded CityWitches with the intent of sharing my experience discovering the intersection between witchcraft and modern psychology for self development. A tiny Facebook group and a poorly managed instagram account swiftly developed into a huge community of witches and people searching for the answer to how to make their lives more fulfilling without having to sign on for all the “other stuff” that sometimes comes with religion… if they don’t want to.

I invite you to join the CityWitches community and share this adventure with me and the brave CityWitches learning, questioning, and evolving real magic.

Much love, Teighe

Interested in Joining Our Community?

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions Section.

1What is CityWitches in a nutshell?
CityWitches is a social community dedicated to the intersection of witchcraft and personal development. We host workshops, events, charities and personal and spiritual coaching programs that range in a variety of systems, religions, and perspectives, to help people to discover their own, unique spirituality and live fulfilling lives.
2Is CityWitches religiously affiliated?
CityWitches is non-denominational and our focus is on anyone who practices witchcraft, regardless of their affiliation. We have members that practice a variety of traditions and believe a variety of things. Sometimes, those beliefs may seem like they conflict but that’s part of the beauty of CityWitches, all possibilities are open to you. We do not take responsibility for the religious beliefs of our members, but we do encourage open, mature discussion in appropriate settings.
3Is CityWitches politically affiliated?
CityWitches is not affiliated with any political party. However, we do not tolerate the targeting and harassing of marginalized people, which goes against our terms. For more information about that, see the section titled, “how do I get unceremoniously kicked out”.
4How do I become a CityWitches member?
It’s easy! Just join our Facebook group and be an active member! Click here to go there now. Inactive members get removed every six months and you will have to rejoin.
5Does becoming a CityWitches Member cost anything?
To become part of our outer, social circle, it is completely free. This includes getting access to many free events, invitation to our book club and Facebook groups, among other things. We suggest donations for some of these events but they are not required. To become a part of our inner circle, which involves private rituals, training, and coaching, there is a monthly due. If you are interested in becoming a vetted CityWitch, please contact us at hello@citywitches and we will send you the initial application materials.
6What is the CityWitches Inner Circle?
The CityWitches inner circle is a group witchcraft and coaching program only available to accepted members. You must be local to the DC area to participate. After six months, you will be able to begin hosting beginner workshops with your newfound area of expertise. After a year, you will have passed our group coaching program and you will have access to a number of marketing perks should you choose to become a CityWitches instructor or coach.
7Are personal coaching and the inner circle different?
Personal spiritual and life coaching is the fastest, most catered way to see remarkable changes in your life and the lives of others. All personal coaching clients are automatically included in the Inner Circle. Our coaches are trained by our founder, Teighe, and monthly fees vary by the experience of the coach. Teighe is a certified hypnotist and certified in NLP, as well as an accomplished occultist, and so she only takes on a limited number of clients at a time and you can reach her at hello@citywitches.com.
8How do I avoid getting unceremoniously kicked out?
1. Respect your hosts, instructors, and fellow members. Because we are a gathering place of many people of differing beliefs, it’s easy to discover those differences. We do not believe in there being “only one way”, BUT if you are participating in a hosted event we expect you to be respectful of the host, instructor, and other members during the event so as not to disrupt the class. It is ok to discuss your thoughts and feelings after the event is over, during a designated discussion period, or in a similarly appropriate setting but we ask that you be mature and emotionally responsible in how you debate religious or metaphysician topics, as people can feel sensitive about these subjects. You are a mature adult, and we know you can figure out what is respectful and reasonable.

2. Do not target or harass any of our members based on their beliefs, race, gender, gender identity, gender orientation, or disability. This one doesn’t need much explanation. If it looks like verbal, emotional, or physical harassment, you’re out. End of story. That said, a heated debate may not be that and we do encourage lively discussion. CityWitches reserves the right to decide if targeting or harassing is occurring.

3. Do not advertise your business on any of our channels without explicit permission. We love to support small businesses but we choose to elevate for-profit organizations on a case-by-case basis.